We offer flexible care services to the diverse communities in this area. Mid Wales is predominantly an area of agriculture and tourism; because of this it also attracts many people from outside Wales to retire here. To provide services to suit everyone, and even do hoilday care. Corban Care have established a pool of Welsh and English speaking carers to give the service users the best possible care.

Corban Care provide domiciliary care services everywhere from urban flats to the remotest farms down the longest muddy tracks across Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. As the company has grown so too have the services and training facilities. As the emphasis has always been on the quality of care the company continues to invest in training.

The carers are as important as the company’s service users. The company policy is that ongoing training is essential. Carers looking for job opportunities will find a warm, supportive company. We look after our carers.

Quality Control

We are regulated through CSSIW to ensure that all of our administration and care staff are compliant with all aspects of running an agency such as ours. At Corban Care we also regulate and monitor our staff through a comprehensive quality control system, including staff and client reviews.

The quality of the service that we deliver is enforced by our quality control policy, so that all of our staff are aware of the standard that we are setting and against which our service will be measureable. This is all enforced through our training programme.

We monitor our quality control through:

  • The service we deliver to the service user on a daily basis, regular feedback from the care staff to the seniors in their area.
  • Regular care visits; reviews with our clients when their need changes;
  • The quality and qualifications of the staff we employ. Regular supervision and appraisals.
  • Investing in training to ensure our staff deliver a quality service.

We believe that every service user has the right to expect the highest quality care possible. We implement routine evaluations so that a fair analysis can be made; so service users can feel free to make compliments or complaints and to feel these are being dealt with in an appropriate manner efficiently.

Please call for an informal chat with about the services for you or your relative on 0800 622 6186 during office hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide the care that is needed and meet personal preferences?

It is the company policy that all care given is a person centred approach, this does include personal preferences, within the bounds of the law.

How will you and your staff respect privacy and dignity at all times?

These two areas are part of the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers; in additional privacy and dignity are an integral part of all areas of training.

Have you cared for someone with similar needs as my parent?

We carry out a full free individual initial assessment for every client, and this is a question that can be  answered at that stage.

How will you match the most suitable care workers to the different care needs?

This we can assess initially. However, there are different types of care, personal care, support work, non personal care, sitting with a client etc.   The types of care is as wide as the type of individuals we care for. We always strive to match the needs of the client with the most suitable carer.

Are you registered with any government or industry bodies?

We have been registered with CSSIW since they first commence on the 5th April 2005. We are registered with the Care Council for Wales, Care Forum for Wales, Accredited with the Investors in People, and independent organisation UKHCA.

Do you adhere to common practice recruitment procedures?

We  operate a very robust recruitment programme.  We interview face to face and following up on all references, previous employment and character references. All of our staff have a DBS prior to employment carried out. We also ensure that all of our care staff attend induction and mandatory training.

Will carers keep written records of the care that has been given, and accurate timesheets for my relative to sign? Can copies of the records be sent to me if I want them?

We operate an electronic call monitoring system, the most efficient way of recording accurate “timesheets”.  Copies of your own client times are available on request. Records are kept of care given for every time a carer attends a service user.

What happens if a carer and my relative are incompatible? Could a different carer be requested?

We always seek to resolve differences between clients and carers, but if this is not possible, we would look to replace with a suitable carer.

What happens in the event of a medical emergency? Will the carer stay with my relative until help comes? Will they notify me of any problems?

The company has a policy for this eventuality in their staff handbook.  Firstly, the carer will call the ambulance if it is a medical emergency;  then they will notify the  family member.  The relatives’ is firstly the responsibility of the family, and Corban Care will work together with that family member to ensure the safety and well being of your relative until they or the ambulance arrives.

How will carers get into your relative’s home if he/she cannot answer the door?

A lot of our client’s have key code pad press at their homes, this enables the carer to enter when attending the client.  This information is kept confidential under the Data Protection Act that as a company we are registered with. It is important at all times we are kept up to date if your relative is not expected to be at home, otherwise we deem it  an emergency; and we will make the decision to call the police to enter the premises, and upon entering, if necessary call an ambulance for your relative.  Then, we will inform you.

What sort of training do your care workers receive before they start work and during their employment?

All care staff received induction training, all mandatory training by an accredited training provider.  They also receive on hands training in the field with an experienced trainer.   All staff are encouraged to gain their Health and Social Care Diploma level 2.  For more detailed information please see our training section on our website.

What managers has obtained a recognised qualification in health and social care or management?

All of the Managers have qualifications ranging between level 4 – 5 in Health and Social Care.

If care isn’t provided by a local council, do you have a standard contract that I can read before signing?

The Client Manager will meet with our potential client/relative  and go through our Terms and Conditions which will need to be signed by both parties.

How can I contact your agency during the day, outside office hours and in an emergency?

Our phone number is 01239 622870 , if you contact that number and there is no reply, it will give you out of office number to contact, where a Manager on call will be available.

What happens if my regular care worker is sick or on holiday? What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay?

It is the company policy to always replace care staff who are sick or on holiday.  In respect of charges, if staff do not attend, you do not pay.

What payment methods are available (cheque, standing order etc.)? Is there a minimum charge if I only need a small amount of care?

We accept cheques, standing orders, on line payments.   At the moment we do not accept credit card payments.  The minimum amount of care we will quote for is dependent upon the area and what care is required.  However, we are always willing to visit and discuss your needs and give you a cost at that time.

Are there any hidden extras in the prices you quote? Prices normally include travel expenses and any VAT payable)

Care companies are not allowed to charge VAT for their services. All prices quote include all the charges relevant to the service provided, we do not have hidden charges.  All of our services and charges are transparent.   All of our staff are paid under PAYE.