Corban Care boosts worker’s charity effort for Cancer Research UK by £1000

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A Newport mum who lobbed off her locks to raise money for Cancer Research has had a further boost to her fundraising efforts, in the form of a £1,000 cheque from her employers.

Carer Amanda Elmes held a sponsored head shave to raise money for charity after losing both parents to cancer.

At the same time her daughter Phoebe had her almost waist-length locks bobbed, donating hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Amanda has been working Corban Care for two and a half years and is close to completing her diploma in health and social care. She was inspired to her vocation by the carers who looked after her father when he was very ill.

“It was watching the people coming in and out caring for him,” she said. “I remember saying ‘I just know what I want to do’.”

When she came up with the idea of a sponsored head shave Amanda approached her employers, as she thought it would be best to check how her clients would respond.

“We thought it was a fantastic idea,” said Corban Care managing director, Ann Hawkes.

“We said that we would be behind her 100%. This was a project close to her and her family and it was important that she had our full support and backing, not just for the actual event but financially.

“We do try very hard to support our carers. Sometimes we will get staff like Amanda that give their all to the company and are incredibly loyal. We think it’s good to get behind them and support them.”

Amanda has so far raised around £2,200.

“Everybody has been so supportive,” she said. “People keep coming up and offering me money. I was not expecting this level of support from my employers. I’ve been amazed.”

For more information see Mother and Daughter “Hair Raising Event” on Facebook. To sponsor Amanda go to

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