24 Hour Live In Care

This area of care in of vital importance to the vulnerable elderly who want to stay and live in their own home but their children have built lives for themselves in another part of the country or even live abroad,  and cannot put that life on hold either temporarily or permanently for whatever reason.  Corban Care commenced the business in doing just that, looking after clients in their own homes on a full time basis.

We have a dedicated team of carer’s that support our clients in this way.  For the client it means that have a team of care staff that does not change.  A good firm working relationship is developed so that every need of the client, within reason can be met.  This team is headed up by their own client manager who will review and oversee the care package on a regular basis.

Live in support care can be delivered any days of the 7 days spectrum, but it is normally a full 24 hour shift.  Some clients commenced one or two days a week to relieve the pressure on a loved one; as the needs and demands grow then so does the care package.

This area is quite specialist and the Rolls Royce of care.  In some instances funding can be sourced towards the cost of the care, this may come from a hybrid of social care funding and or insurance funding.  This area of care needs carefully consideration in setting up the package to ensure that it meets all the criteria.  The costs for live-in care are very individual.  Please contact the Registered Manager for a complete overview.