Palliative Care

This area of support to our clients is where the needs are much more complex,  usually due to a specific injury as such as Brain injury, which can take many different guises;  or well known illness such as Parkinson disease, Motor Neuron’s disease, Stroke or where the client is dying and general palliative care support is needed.

Much of the work that we undertake in this area comes from predominate specialist solicitors where they represent clients who have been involved in a tragic accident resulting in brain injury;  from the various local heath boards and  local authorities;  or from clients who have read this website, like you are doing now.

The care staffs that we use on these contracts are highly trained, and where specialist care is required, like peg feeding etc. then they are trained by qualified nurses and technicians.  In these cases we work very closely with their solicitors, their case managers and other specialists attached to their care team.  We are part of the team for that client.   We will be involved in joint meetings regarding their care, forward planning and any urgent changes required to their care plan.

The support services can be there for you or your regular care staff who may need a break.  All of our services are designed to give a flexible, efficient and professional service.

If you need this kind of service and believe that you need a solicitor to assist you due to the complexity of the care required, please speak to us as we deal regularly with solicitors who dispense this kind of service and can be of assistance to you.